Memorial Day Weekend is now upon us, and that means the time for enjoying the great outdoors has finally arrived – camping and hiking season is in full bloom! In order to help get you in the mood for camping, I would like to share one of my husband’s and my Hipcamp Primitive Campsites, Scenic View, with you today.

Let me begin by sharing a little bit about our property in the hills of Kentucky. Previously, we both had homes in the suburbs, my husband in Lexington, and me, in Richmond. We both are nature lovers, and when we decided to purchase our “forever home”, we knew we wanted to find a home surrounded by woods in a rural community. GOD led us to this awesome community of Three Links, and we found our Dream Home engulfed in 35 deeply wooded acres. My husband wrote a song for me entitled “I’m Buying You A Little Piece Of Heaven”, and he named our homestead The Missing Link Ranch.

I have included an awesome YouTube video that our son-in-law, Jim McArthur, made when our daughter, Damara, Jim, and our three amazing granddaughters, Atlynn, Cassidy, and Ellie Rose, visited us a couple of years ago. You can see this video here:



Now, the fun begins! We began making interconnecting hiking trails throughout our property, then cleared out a couple of campsites and hammock areas for us to escape to when we just wanted to get away from the world.

We first learned of Hipcamp last year, and this organization sounded absolutely fascinating! If you have an acre or more of land, and are willing to share your land with fellow nature lovers, you can open up your land for others to enjoy. Once you decide to become a Hipcamp Host, you fill out an application about the types of campsites you would like to open on your land, whether it be RV’s, glamping sites, cabins, campgrounds, or primitive campsites. You then describe your sites, the layout of your land, any amenities you would like to offer your guests, and any rules you would like to be recognized and adhered to during your guests’ stay. Hipcamp encourages you to share pictures of where the guests will be staying and of the property. You are in control of the price you would like to charge for guests to stay on your land, as well as your available calender dates and check in and check out times.

Hipcamp will screen the people who would like to camp on your land, take care of the bookings and making all the arrangements, and they even offer insurance to cover you in case of any unfortunate accidents or incidents as long as you have Property Owner’s Insurance. Anyone who Hipcamp approves to be a guest on your land is guaranteed to leave your land as good as they found it, or better.  Hipcamp and everyone who will camp on your land strictly adheres to the policy “Leave No Trace Behind”.

With all the advantages that Hipcamp offers, we decided we would love to invite fellow nature lovers to share the beauty of our gorgeous property. We have now opened up Scenic View Primitive Campsite, and are eagerly awaiting our very first camping guests!



This post features the Scenic View Primitive Campsite. This is a very large site, featuring many places to pitch your tent, or tents, a fire pit, picnic table, charcoal grill, a portable, flushable toilet in a pop-up privacy tent, and even an outdoor solar shower surrounded by shower curtains featuring gorgeous scenes of woods and a waterfall to offer you a true feeling of always being surrounded by nature! We are currently in the process of installing green solar fairy lights for a magical pathway to the toilet and shower area for nighttime use. Our next future upgrade will be a BOSS Hot Water System for hot water to use for washing dishes and taking showers. We will furnish the water in stored water containers for the hot water system, and you can either purchase propane canisters from us, or furnish your own canisters. This Hot Water System runs off a 2.5 pound canister up to a 20 pound propane tank.  I have listed a few of these items that we purchased from Amazon, as well as the BOSS Hot Water System, in the links below.



As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.







Scenic View Primitive Campsite is now open and available for you to enjoy! In order to view the full details of Hipcamp, and this campsite, I encourage you to check us out on Hipcamp.com, then type in Scenic View Campsite on Howard and Annette Frasier’s Land. We do offer instant bookings, and you are available to book your stay up to a year in advance. Check in time is at 2 PM, and check out time is at 12 Noon. Our rates are $20 per night, for up to 8 guests, and you may invite 2 additional guests for a price of $5 each. We are pet-friendly, so feel free to bring along your fur-babies so they can enjoy some time in nature also!


We would like to encourage you to let us know your approximate arrival time, and you are able to do this on the Hipcamp website. Howard and I will greet you at our home, then show you to the Scenic View Campsite. We will welcome you with wood to build your first campfire. You then have the option of gathering your own firewood, or we will gather it for you for $5 a bundle. You may also rent hammocks and a badminton set for $5 per day. We even have LED badminton shuttlecocks for some nighttime fun!


While at the Scenic View Campsite, you can just kick back and enjoy some peaceful time in nature, hopefully spot some deer and turkey, and go hiking on the paths throughout our property. You are welcome to bring along your bikes, and ride on our gravel driveway and in the field leading to the campsite. If you would like more adventure, there are hiking and biking trails, as well as kayaking adventures in Berea – about 15 minutes away from your campsite! There is also a waterfall with a swimming hole and a large, covered picnic area right outside of McKee, in Grey Hawk, about a half an hour’s drive away. For even more adventure, bring your 4 wheelers for a ride on some nearby off-road trails.



I hope you have enjoyed this preview of Our Hipcamp Primitive Campsite – “Scenic View”. If you are ever in this area, or know of someone who will be, Howard and I would like to extend an open invitation for you to pay us a visit at The Missing Link Ranch. We look very forward to your visit, and will welcome you with open arms and a very Scenic View!


  1. What a great idea. I hope it goes well for you. I am sure it will be popular with families, inexpensive and getting back to basics, and enjoying watching and the sounds of nature.

    As usual insurance could be an issue, but all in all I can’t think of anything better. I hope this venture goes well for you.I am sure your visitors will be coming back again and again. 

    • Hi Michael !

      Thank you for your kind comment on my post!  Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than spending quality time with family and friends in a totally relaxed and peaceful environment – and like you mentioned, it is inexpensive, but still a lot of fun for everyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.  Thank you for your well wishes also!

      Have a blessed day!!


  2. What a great place to visit to spend some time with the family, it looks like a wonderful place to visit for nature’s lovers and also people who like camping! It will be a lot of fun for a family with young children who loves nature and love to have new adventures, and people who loves go hiking that is the perfect place, I will bookmarked as we love camping and go hiking!

    • Good Morning Alejandra!

      Thank you for the kind comment on my post!  I am very glad that you enjoyed it, and that you think it is a perfect place for fellow nature lovers.  Also, thank you for bookmarking this.  We would be honored to have you come and stay with us at Scenic View!  I hope you have an awesome day!



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