Well everyone, it’s That Time Of Year already – Christmas is practically upon us! In this article, I have picked out some totally awesome Christmas gift ideas for the hikers on your list. There are some unique gift ideas that nature lovers will be extremely interested in, and will add to their overall hiking adventures and experiences.   I am quite sure that these gifts will be a major hit with any hiker, or anyone who loves spending time in nature.





First on the Christmas gift idea list is this Keains unisex Bluetooth beanie with LED light. It is an upgraded knit musical cap that features Bluetooth, speakers, and a mic. Help keep that special hiker warm while enjoying music or even an audio book to keep them company on the cold winter trails. If they happen to get so engrossed in the music or audio book and lose track of time, they will have a built in LED light to guide them safely home!


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We all know the importance of keeping our cell phones and other technical devices charged. At one time, this was almost impossible when you were miles from an electrical outlet or car charger. This Durecopow 20000 mAh portable outdoor waterproof solar power bank will keep your hiker’s devices well charged. This gift will give them much peace of mind, knowing they will never be stranded on the trail without a way to charge a dead cell phone, walkie-talkie, lantern, flashlight, or any other much-needed device. This device could literally save someone’s life in case of an emergency!




Any hiker, or anyone who enjoys observing nature, would love to receive this compact, portable, waterproof, shockproof, fog proof monocular telescope.  This device will let your hiker capture and share the beauty of nature with 8X magnification, along with a wide screen and HD view. It was designed to be easily operated with only one hand, making it extremely easy to use and carry. This monocular also comes with an iphone/Smartphone adapter.





The infray rechargeable hand warmer will come in very handy when gloves are just not quite enough. It is a 9000mAh reusable pocket warmer/power bank/electric, portable, double-sided, quick heating hand warmer for ultimate comfort on those cold winter hikes.






Give your hiker a logbook to capture a lifetime of memories forever! This Hiking Logbook Journal features prompts to document journeys, sections for notes, and has ample room for writing. The logbook includes places for dates, weather conditions, location, elevation gain and loss, distance, time, latitude and longitude, conditions and difficulty levels of trails, which trails were taken, special and unique trail features, and also places to document any fees, parking and shuttle information, and much more. This logbook is conveniently sized, and is guaranteed to be a great gift that will travel many miles and keep records of awesome hikes for a lifetime – a perfect hiker’s diary that is available in hard cover and paperback.






I ran across this unique book for hikers, The Lost Art Of Reading Nature’s Signs: Use Outdoor Clues To Find Your Way, Predict The Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals – And Other Forgotten Skills (Natural Navigation). This is a true forgotten art that desperately needs to be rediscovered. You have the option of purchasing this book in three forms: Kindle, paperback, or spiral-bound.







Trekking Poles will be the highlight of any hiker’s Dream Christmas Gift – and this will be a gift that will be used on every hike for many years to come! This is truly the ULTIMATE gift for any hiker on your Christmas List!



This Naturehike’s Mongar 3-season, 2-person tent will be a much appreciated gift for the hikers and backpackers on your list.  It is an extremely lightweight and space-saving tent. This tent is constructed of top-quality materials, has a quick and easy setup, and features 2 doors and 2 vestibules,  which offers more storage space than standard 2-person tents. You even have your choice of 5 different colors!




A good hiking backpack is something that any hiker definitely needs and would be delighted to receive! This TETON Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight Internal Frame Backpack has a large storage capacity, a sleeping bag compartment, and offers a sewn-in rain cover. It is designed for comfort, and you are able to adjust the torso, waist, chest, and shoulders to receive a perfect, customizable fit for men, women, and youth. You can’t go wrong with this backpack!



This set is an inspiring gift for any hiker whose goals and dreams are to conquer long-distance hiking trails. The National Geographic: Triple Crown of Hiking in a Gift Box Wall Map (18 x 48 inches) covers the three great long distance hiking trails in the United States: the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Coast Trail, and the Contental Divide Trail. The three maps are packaged in a full-color gift box all ready for gift giving. The gift box itself gives details about the maps with its size and scale, as well as a large section of the map that displays the cartography that is found inside. This gift will motivate the hikers in your life, and inspire them for their future long distance hiking trail adventures!




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I hope this article has been helpful, and has given you some awesome Christmas gift ideas for the hikers in your life – and please don’t forget to treat yourself with a special gift! I have added all of these items to my own Christmas List. If Santa does happen to make an appearance at our home and leaves any of these gifts under the tree, I will definitely be following up with reviews of these gifts after Christmas!  I wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas, may all of your wishes and dreams come to pass, GOD Bless you all, and to all A Good Night!





  1. I have wanted to give a gift that would be useful and also cool. And the Keains unisex Bluetooth beanie with LED light is my best choice. I would have not come up with this idea. Thank you very much. I am a bit of a hiker myself (starting to be) so I may as well buy one for me too.

    • Hi Ann!  Thank you for your comment, and I am glad that you found an awesome gift idea!  I think you have chosen a great gift – the Bluetooth beanie is one of my favorites also!  You sound like MY kind of person to shop with – I love your way of thinking!   I have to really like something before I can even buy it for someone else, so that means I usually end up with 2 of everything, 1 for the person on my list, and 1 for me!!!  Thanks again, and I wish you much success with your hiking – it really is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and being in nature is so stress-relieving and peaceful!  Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I love the descriptions of absolutely everything you have talked about, but I couldn’t see any links. I really like the idea of the beanie hat – how innovative! I hope you can add some links so that I can take a look at the items. Just to let you know, I found the text a bit hard to read because it was so big, but I loved your reviews of everything and the Christmassy images. 

    • Hi Clair!  

      Thank you for your comment on my article!  I am so glad that it was helpful in letting you read about some Christmas gifts that interested you!  After reading your comment, I became quite worried about the links I put in, and just where they went to . . .   I went to the article on my website, and the links ARE showing up there.  Under the description for each item, there should be an Amazon block with a picture of the item, a small description along with a price, then at the bottom of the block, a yellow and black Shop Now Amazon Button.  I would greatly appreciate if you could check the article to see if these blocks are showing up for you, and if you could,  PLEASE let me know YES or NO, so I can get to the bottom of this problem.   I spent so much time putting in these links, and it really worries me that they are very likely not even showing up for my viewers.  Just maybe that could explain why I am getting traffic, but no conversions . . .  Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, and with your help, we will get  this problem solved!!  Then you can actually see them picture of the items you are interested in!  I am eagerly awaiting your reply – thank you again!!!!  


  3. The site is laid out beautifully very easy on the eyes. I also like the images you have incorporated into the blog. There is a lot of useful information for your customers who visit your site as well. I like the idea of the Keains unisex Bluetooth beanie with LED light. The hiker can listen to their favourite music while hiking and the light will also come in handy. Once more great product you are talking about is the Durecopow 20000 mAh portable outdoor waterproof solar power bank. This is a live saver for any hiker to stay in contact and is also useful for emergencies. This product would be for me the infray rechargeable hand warmer I always got cold hands. The logbook is also very handy for all the important data like the weather and other notes that are important. The tent is an eventual idem when tracking incase you have to spend the night outdoors. I liked reading your blog with all this great ideas. Any hiker would be delighted reading your blog.


    • Hi Elke! 

      Thank you so very much for your comment – I must say you have truly made my day, given me hope for my website, and really inspired me!  I am so glad you found my article well laid out, along with featuring useful and cool gifts for hikers!  It seems that the Keains unisex Bluetooth beanie is at the top of everyone’s list, including mine!  My husband is totally with you on the infray rechargeable hand warmer as his hands are always cold also.  You know what they say about people with cold hands – that they have a very warm heart – and I tend to agree that you truly seem to be a warm-hearted person!!  Thank you again, and I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  4. I have never really been a big fan of hiking but recently it has sparked my interest. I want to go hiking with my partner in the near future so they day we do decide to go, I will come back to this article and get all the equipments we’ll need. I will also share it with my sister seeing that she loves to hike 

    • Hi Daniel, and thank you for your comment.  Also, thank you very much for wanting to come back to get your equipment, and for sharing it with your sister – I really appreciate your interest and support!!  I would like to recommend my articles on “The Health Benefits Of Hiking In Nature” and also “Preparing For A Hike With This Day Hiking Checklist”.   I truly believe that you will feel much better just getting out and enjoying all the beauty and health benefits that come to you through nature!!  Please keep me informed of how your hiking trips are going, and I really hope to hear that you are becoming an avid hiker and nature lover like your sister and me!  I wish you, your partner, and your sister all the best!!!

  5. Oh, the snow season!
    In a country like mine in Lebanon, we have a snow season, but unfortunately, there are no activities. After reading your article I now have a full list of things to do!

    These awesome ideas triggered my inner self to go hiking right away! Guess I have to buy some of the stuff you posted first, I am guaranteed that it will be an amazing experience! Hopefully what I’m buying reach me as soon as possible! SNOW SEASON I’M COMING!

    And thank you A LOT!! 

    • Hello Mohamad, and thank you so much for your comment all the way from Lebanon – and the beginning of SNOW SEASON!  I am so glad that my article has given you inspiration to go hiking, and I hope that you will find that hiking, even in cold, snowy weather, is a very exhilarating experience!!  I would like to recommend that you check out some other articles on my website to get you all ready and fully prepared for your hike.  I have articles on cold weather hiking and camping gear and clothing, as well as articles on the health benefits of hiking in nature.  You may enjoy the article on trekking poles as well, and they will come in extremely handy in any weather, especially snow and slippery conditions.  I wish you all the best in your hiking experiences, and please feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions or concerns you may have.  Stay safe and warm!!!


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