After an awesome day of camping, hiking, and enjoying everything nature has to offer, nothing would feel much better than a relaxing hot shower. But here you are in the middle of the woods, miles from this luxury, right? Not anymore, thanks to some great camping upgrades, such as propane and battery powered hot water heating systems. Just imagine having an endless supply of hot water at your disposal – in the middle of nowhere!


I have listed below 3 awesome Boss Battery Operated Shower Systems for you to check out. With any of these 3 models, all you will need to enjoy an endless supply of hot water is a propane canister, batteries, and a water source.




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Basecamp by Mr. Heater BOSS XB-13 Hot Water System
Includes shower head and pump

Filter System on pump to avoid debris in system

Pump runs on D Cell batteries

Runs on 1# Propane Cylinder

Electric Ignition

12,000BTU & 35 degree temperature rise

UL/CSA Certified

Hot Water Safety Flow Switch








Basecamp by Mr. Heater BOSS XW-18 Hot Water System
Includes adjustable flow shower head & pump

Includes AC wall charger

Filter system on pump to avoid debris in the system

Heat exchange drain plugs for winterizing

Battery runs 40mins

Runs on 1# Propane Cylinder

Electronic Ignition

18,000BTU & 42 degree temperature rise

UL/CSA Certified

Hot water Safety Flow Switch





Basecamp by Mr. Heater BOSS XCW-20 Hot Water System
Stainless Steel cabinet

Easy carry handles

Includes AC Wall & DC Car charger

Filter system on pump to avoid debris in system

Battery runs 40mins

Runs on 1# Propane Cylinder

18,000BTU & 42 degree temperature rise

UL/CSA Certified

Internal Tip switch shuts off burner

Hot Water Safety Flow Switch





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These Boss Battery Operated Shower Systems work for roughly 40 minutes on a full charge.   The BOSS XB-13 Hot Water Shower System runs on D-Cell batteries alone, and delivers 12,000 BTU’s.   The BOSS XW-18 System is charged with an electric (AC) wall charger, and delivers 18,000 BTU’s.    The BOSS XCW-20 System features an (AC) electric wall charger and also a (DC) vehicle charger, and delivers 18,000 BTU’s.


Once you are in nature, the systems work with a 1-lb propane canister.  For your convenience, and also to extend the hot water supply, you could very easily purchase a converter (adaptor), then connect the system to a 2.5-lb, 5-lb, or even a 20-lb or larger propane canister. These systems offer a water temperature rise of 35 degrees up to 42 degrees.



These Shower Systems also include a water pump that runs on D- Cell batteries. The water pump features a filter system to avoid debris from entering into the shower system. You place the water pump, which is approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter, into a water source, such as a water bucket, or if you are fortunate enough to be camping near a pond, creek, or river, just place the water pump directly into this body of water.




Since the unit raises the water temperature 35 to 42 degrees, the water supplied from a nature source would be awesome during warm weather. In cooler weather, you could place the water pump in a bucket of heated water for a very relaxing hot shower!




If you would like even hotter water, you can preheat the water that is in your water container.  To preheat your water, remove the showerhead from the hose.  Run water from your container through the hot water shower system using the pump.   As the warm water comes out of the shower hose, run this warm water back into the water container.  As the water pump continues running water from the container through the system and out of the shower hose then back into the water container, the recirculated water temperature will continue to rise by another 35 – 42 degrees,  giving you just the right water temperature you desire.  Once you have reached your desired temperature, simply replace the showerhead on the hose, and you are all ready for an amazing hot shower!  You don’t have to worry about the water temperature getting too hot, as the hot water shower systems feature an automatic shut-off after the water reaches a temperature of 125 degrees.


The water pump hose is about 3 feet long, and the shower hose is 8 feet long. You can expect to receive an average of .6 to .8 gallons per minute of water flow, and there is a hot water safety flow switch for your protection.



Another awesome feature of these hot water systems is the retractable faucet on the side of the units. These faucets are very handy if you just need to wash your hands, gather some water for cooking, and of course, washing dishes.


If you plan on enjoying some peaceful time in nature, having an endless supply of hot water is one convenience you no longer have to go without! In fact, plenty of hot water will be a pure luxury when camping, and you will never want to be without your hot water shower system again when “roughing it” in the great outdoors!






  1. Very Very informative!! Love how simple it was to compare all the products at once, while on the same page!! So much detail in every product description… Made us want; NEED them all 😁 So easy find &.to get directly on the link to make a purchase! Just a Fabulously Amazing job all the way around!!

    • Hi The One They Call Le-Le!!
      Thank you so very much for your awesome comment on my post!! I am glad you found this post to be informative, helpful, and easy to navigate! And YES – you definitely NEED one . . . Just imagine being able to not only wash dishes and take a shower, but to actually fill up a tub and enjoy a relaxing HOT bath in the Great Outdoors!!! Now, you can make that dream a reality . . . ; )

  2. Hi and what a delightful idea. I am an infrequent camper and I can attest to the fact that the lack of hot water for a shower is probably one of the main contributing reasons why I am so infrequent a camper! One of my most memorable showering and camping experiences was when I stayed in a bush camp in the middle of a game reserve in South Africa. There were only lean-to sheds where we slept and no other constructed buildings. The camp centered around a fire which was used for pretty much everything including heating water. All water had to be carried in by container. For a shower, you had to take a bucket for cold water and a bucket for hot water. The shower was itself a bucket that you filled, hoisted up with a pulley system and then you could control the flow of water with a faucet. But of course, the trick was to make sure you had enough water to rinse off the last soap otherwise the obvious would happen. You’d be standing there naked covered in soap and there was no water left in the shower. We all had a good laugh when one of our group made exactly that mistake. So I am all for plenty of hot water for showers when camping. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy!

      Thank you for your comment on my post! 

      Wow – it sounds like you and your group were really roughing it while on your trip to South Africa!   I can just imagine how uncomfortable your fellow camper felt being covered in soap with no water to finish rinsing off, and I bet you all did have a good laugh!!  Poor person!!  

      With these BOSS Hot Water Shower Systems, running out of hot water is thankfully a thing of the past  These will definitely extend the length of my camping trips!  Maybe having one of these systems would help you reconsider your camping trips, also . . .   

      Have an awesome day, Andy!

  3. Thank you for this, having hot water would improve the experience of camping by about 1000%, I wish I’d had one of these when I was a kid! I had not realized such devices existed and will be checking out your suggestions as I can’t believe how reasonably priced they are

    • Hello!

      Thank you for your comment on my post!  Yes, these Hot Water Systems are truly awesome, and they really are worth the relatively small investment to give you years of endless hot water!!  They definitely help make our camping trips much more of a luxury!

      Have a great day!



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